10 Years Married and 10 Years Childless

It’s a Choice –

Not a Rebellion

‘I don’t have a lifestyle that’s conducive to having kids the way I want to have kids. And I just made that choice.’

— Sarah Silverman

Let me start by saying that both Noah and I adore children. I work with children almost daily by teaching them piano, voice, and songwriting – they truly become family to me. Noah loves spending time with his nephews Grady and Liam. We admire parents more than most – particularly because we have truly considered how much work, responsibility, and life you are giving from yourself to raise another human being. That’s a bigger undertaking than slaying at Mavericks or summiting Mount Everest. Cheers to all of the fantastic parents!

For us, we realized that our lives were going to be complicated. Because as individuals we are high-maintenance, and as a couple – we’re a hurricane! Honestly – sometimes it’s not pretty! We wouldn’t be good at being parents. It just isn’t a brand that fits us well.

We’ve heard it all:

  • You’re just being selfish for not having children.
  • You NEED to have children, what would happen if everyone thought like you? The human race would die off!
  • Why? Don’t you like kids?
  • You’ll have so many regrets!
  • Don’t worry – you’ll change your minds.

Fortunately for us, and for parents alike – not everyone thinks the same way, lives the same way, has the same interests, or learns the same skill set. We are individuals, creatives, and free to live in a myriad of ways. If everyone had children the earth would overpopulate (as it’s already doing), the environment would struggle even more, and jobs would become even more scarce than they already are. It’s good that some people want to continue to have children – we do want future humans among us! And, it’s good that some people are deciding to forego that particular adventure.

There’s nothing “wrong” with us (well….in that regard….), we are happy with it being just the two of us, and we find fulfillment in the people and world around us everyday! We hope that all of our readers – with AND without children find their own joy, adventures, and best life as it calls out to them!

To those who wish to have children and cannot or have suffered the loss of a child – my deepest and sincerest condolences. That is a pain that I cannot imagine experiencing. You are perhaps the strongest of all…. I truly hope that that you will find family, friends, and adventures that bring you joy! Sending lots of love your way.

To Freedom – Individuality – And to Choosing Your Own Adventure!

Toasting the Moon – Cheers,

Noah and Majhon

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