Toasting the Moon in San Diego

Travel for 2 cost breakdown (at the time of writing this post):

  • Wyndam San Diego – Bayside: $188 per night
  • Roundtrip Airfare from San Francisco to San Diego (non-stop): $147 pp
  • Food/Entertainment/Transportation/Souvenirs: $500
  • GRAND TOTAL FOR 2 TRAVELERS – 4 days: $1546

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San Diego is the Switzerland of California

There is little denying that SoCal and NorCal are always in the middle of a feud. Besides sharing a coastline, there is little that ties the two parts of California together. You either love San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Tahoe, and Napa or you love Los Angeles, Hollywood, Mammoth, and Santa Barbara. But, there is a redeeming city in SoCal for NorCal natives. A city that everyone loves – San Diego.

San Diego has remained rather affordable in the past decade in comparison with Los Angeles and San Francisco. Perhaps it’s all of the government employees, perhaps it’s the lifestyle, perhaps it’s the proximity to Mexico – I’m not entirely sure why, but I do know that it’s a California dream vacation spot!

What We Did

This is definitely a throw-back post. San Diego was one of our first trips together – all the way back in 2012. We actually drove down for Memorial Day weekend. This was a bad idea. We were new to California and had no idea that I5 becomes a parking lot on holiday weekends…Live it – Learn it! We would definitely recommend flying at this point!

The coast is a MUST! It’s beautiful. It is cooler than the beaches in Los Angeles, but the water is clear and the sand is remarkably fine for California coastline. Old Town is a lot of fun for shopping and eating tourist-style Mexican food. It’s where San Diego gets to show off its history! The USS Midway is also a wonderful museum for US history buffs. And, we certainly enjoyed hopping over to Coronado to check out the historic hotel and beaches famous for hosting the Rat Pack and Marilyn Monroe. La Jolla is also a great stop for beaches, shopping, and cave explorations.

On top of the featured attractions, San Diego is a beer-maker’s heaven. If you are into the craft beer scene at all – you would be thoroughly happy in this town. There are more than 150 craft breweries in San Diego County. Some of note would be Coronado, Mission, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Karl Strauss, Modern Times, Pizza Port, and Stone.

Regardless of your itinerary, you are sure to enjoy the weather, the locals, the vibe, and the city. It might be the best tourist destination in California!

Toast the Moon Rating:

  • Food and Drink: 10/10
  • Culture/Locals: 10/10
  • Things to Do: 9/10
  • Adventure Opportunities: 9/10
  • Cost: 9/10
  • Total: 9.4/10 – Cheers!

Enjoy your adventure!

Toast the Moon – Cheers,

Noah and Majhon

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