Toasting the Moon in Big Sur, California

Travel for 2 cost breakdown (at the time of writing this post):

  • Ragged Point Inn & Resort: $210 per night (A Toast the Moon Favorite!)
  • Food/Entertainment/Transportation/Souvenirs: $1000
  • GRAND TOTAL FOR 2 TRAVELERS – 4 days: $1840

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Big Sur is Beautiful, Wild, Majestic, and Expensive – Just Like Us!!

Big Sur, California is a gem – an oasis – and only 150 miles away from San Francisco. This is a place where you know upon entering the territory that the land itself is king.

The rugged cliffs drop unapologetically into the vast Pacific, the woodlands burn fiercely in late summer reminding you that no one is above the law of the land, and the rains bring mudslides and floods that wipe out highways, roads, and homes. To be in Big Sur is to be enveloped by nature in all of its glory, in all of its wilderness, and in all of its suspense.

Large trucks can’t make it in Big Sur. In fact, the drive itself is an adventure. Steep cliffs, sharp curves, narrow roadways – be prepared. That said, most things in Big Sur are produced in Big Sur. The locals know how to use the harsh environment for their betterment, and they roll with the punches. Artisans thrive here, because you won’t find a big box store to compete against.

Leave your cell phones, laptops, and membership cards behind. They won’t work for you here. And, that’s what makes it so magical.

Big Sur is special for us….

Big Sur holds a special place in our hearts, because this is where we were married. It was a very small cliffside ceremony performed by Noah’s father in June 2010. We had only our nearest and dearest around us – about 20 people. And it was absolutely perfect. June is notoriously foggy along the Pacific coast. The locals thought we were crazy for planning a wedding in the late spring, but we knew no matter what the weather, it would be a great day. When in Big Sur, you roll with the fog and the waves. It turned out to be beautifully sunny and perfect in every way.

Would I recommend getting married in Big Sur? If you have dreamed of a perfect wedding day since you were five, and you had your guest list and seating charts in order before you found a fiancée, then no…Big Sur isn’t for you.

However, I couldn’t imagine having a wedding any other place. Noah and I are more casual, adventurous, and explorative than most. We wanted the adventure and the sense of unknown; marriage was a leap of faith into unknown territory, and we wanted the wedding day to represent those feelings.

Fortunately, our wedding day was glorious, and our marriage has been as well. Plenty of waves, jagged cliffs, and ups-and-downs, but overall absolutely beautiful. We’ve also been fortunate enough to go back to that site almost every year on our anniversary. So, here’s a glimpse of our wedding day – and more recently – 9 years later.

What to do in Big Sur

Big Sur isn’t a location that calls for a checklist of “top attractions to see.” It’s more about what you aren’t going to be doing. You won’t be browsing Facebook or Instagram, you won’t be tied to work, you won’t be trying to figure out the subway system. It’s a place to slow down, get back to nature, meet with really interesting people, and follow your wilderness passions. Do you like walking jagged coastline or beaches? Go for it! Do you want to go get lost in the woods for days on a camping trip? They’ve got that, too. Do you want to hunt for mushrooms, waterfalls, and whale sightings? A weekend at a luxe spa? Or, should you visit local artisan shops, Beat museums, and hippie enclaves? Whatever it is – if it’s something that makes you feel good, better about the world, peaceful, and satisfied to your bones – Big Sur’s got it.

Toast the Moon Rating:

  • Food and Drink: 10/10
  • Culture/Locals: 10/10
  • Things to Do: 7/10
  • Adventure Opportunities: 10/10
  • Cost: 8/10
  • Total: 9/10 – Cheers!

Enjoy your adventure!

Toast the Moon – Cheers,

Noah and Majhon

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