Top Spots in Your Region to “Social Distance” Travel in 2020

Summer travel is happening….Coronavirus is spiking….What do you do???

As some head toward the crowded beaches in Florida and flock to events in the Midwest, other travelers (like me) are more wary of the consequences of carefree summer traveling. Another quarantine? More spikes in mortality? Economic closures? Not looking good to me…

BUT – that doesn’t mean that we have to stay home! There are plenty of ways to escape IT ALL nearby! This week, we’re breaking down our top 5 “Socially Distant” spots you can enjoy this summer. I’m betting that there are plenty of places you’ve never been within a few hundred miles of your home! Check it out and let me know if there are others I’ve missed! I love to learn about new hidden spots!

Top 5 in the Northeast

5. Searsport, Maine – While the crowds all head toward Acadia National Park and Mt. Desert Island, you can get away from the crowds in Searsport, Maine, a 19th century deep-sea maritime village which is the home of Moose Point State Park, Fort Point Lighthouse, and a charming historic downtown.

4. Colchester, Vermont – Into biking, hiking, and lakes? Check out the Island Line Trail! 13.4 miles of northeastern magic and a long trail bridge through Lake Champlain!

3. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire – Sometimes you need the thrill of the race! And, fast water sports are boundless at Lake Winnipesaukee – grab your tube and skis and get out on the water!

2. Myles Standish State Forest, Massachusetts – Looking for a great place to load up your camper, horses, and boots? Look no further than Myles Standish State Forest. Camping, hiking, 34 miles of horseback riding trails, swimming opportunities, and glacier artifacts in their kettle ponds? Count me in!

  1. The Berkshires, Massachusetts – Looking for nature AND culture? You’ll find them both in The Berkshires. Yoga, art shows, intimate musical performances, hiking, and gardens. Take a step back in time and relish living the “good life.”

Top 5 in the Midwest

5. Skyview Drive-In – Missing date nights? First, check out my post on date-nights in quarantine! Then, head over to Skyview Drive-In just outside of St. Louis in Belleville, IL! You’ll feel like you’re living your secret fantasy of being one of the Pink Ladies or Greasers!

4. Elephant Rocks State Park – Sometimes you just need a different angle to see the world clearly. Climb on top of the world at Elephant Rocks State Park in central Missouri.

3. Trail of Tears State Park – The rush of the Mighty Mississippi is overwhelming, especially when you consider the Trail of Tears, the original path of the Cherokee being displaced.

2. Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Catch a wave and feel on top of the world in….Wisconsin? Yep! In Sheboygan, surfers can catch a wave in Lake Michigan year round!

  1. Waite Park, Minnesota – 64 miles of bicycle trails await you at the trailhead of Lake Wobegon Trail in Waite Park, Minnesota. Check out the greenery, scenery and lakes in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

Top 5 in the South

5. Charlottesville, Virginia – Plan a trip to see Jefferson’s Monticello, James Monroe’s Highland, explore one of the top 10 wine countries in the United States, and take a float down the James River all in (and around) Charlottesville!

4. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia – Looking for one of the top US road trips? Head to North Carolina or Virginia and hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway for stunning views of the central Appalachians.

3. Springfield, Louisiana – Another world awaits you at Tickfaw State Park in Springfield, Louisiana! Check out a new ecosystem of swampland, hardwood forests, and cypress groves!

2. Palmer, Tennessee – Beautiful waterfalls, gorges, and cliffs will make you feel like you’re on a Hawaiian island and definitely not in Tennessee! Go exploring in Savage Gulf State Natural Area and take tons of photos!

  1. Double Spring, Alabama – Grab your Harley, dirt bike or ATV and hit the trails! Bankhead National Forest offers one of the best and most scenic motor routes in the south. Vroom! Vroom!

Top 5 in the West

5. Mendocino, CA – Escape the world in a sea of glass, gardens, and rugged Pacific coastlines. Check out my full blog about this wonderful spot here!

4. Grand Canyon, Arizona – 2020 is the perfect year to explore geological wonders and parks! Why not check out the Grand Canyon and mark that one off of your bucket list?

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado – Pikes Peak, Sandstone, Jeep Tours, and Blue Skies calling you? Head over to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure!

2. Big Sur, California – Majestic cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean as you look out over the humpback whales playing, the sea lions lazing in the sun, and the birds and butterflies circling your path. Check out my full post on one of our favorite places here!

  1. Winston, Oregon – Noah and I were SUPPOSED to be in South Africa right now…But…Thanks COVID…we’re home in New York. That said, if you are in the Northwest – go check out the Drive-Through Wildlife Safari! African wildlife, fun drive, no crowds – WIN!

Where are you heading this year? Let us know! We’ll see you out there – from a distance!


Noah and Majhon

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  1. Loved your blog especially all of the beautiful places that are still accessible. Your outlook and insights are what maintains our sanity in this sometimes crazy world

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