Escape Quarantine with Themed Nights-at-Home

Sometimes the location of the mind can make all of the difference

How Are You Doing?

During quarantine, I’ve been working away with writing and building new online platforms. My work life hasn’t changed that much. I’m one of the lucky ones. What has changed has been my time away from work…The fun times. For many, everything has changed.

How are you? How are you feeling? These are serious questions right now. Personally, I’m okay. But sometimes… I selfishly wish that I could go out, meet with friends, explore, travel, celebrate.

Are you celebrating? I think that finding reasons to throw a party (no matter how small) is especially important in times of high stress and crisis. I’ve noticed that on the days I create a “special occasion” in our house, both of our spirits are lifted. If you have children, it’s even MORE important to create a bit of normalcy in celebratory ways. And, if you’re alone, find a reason to bust out the champagne and special chocolates! YOU are worth it!

Celebrating with a Travel Theme

I’m a HUGE fan of days like St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. I know it’s silly, but I like to have the theme to cook and watch and decorate and learn about the cultures. It’s fun to escape through imagination just to make the day more exciting.

Let’s dive into some themes that you could enjoy ANY day when you need to bring a little bit of fun, whimsy and romance into your life.

Enjoy the Weather with a Night in Casablanca!

A Night in Casablanca

Do you have a fun outdoor area where you can throw some cushions on the ground and set up platters of Moroccan Tagine? Maybe you have a projector and screen to watch Casablanca! Don’t forget the Moroccan lanterns, music, and rugs to finish the decor. Enjoy some mint tea after dinner and snuggle under blankets under the stars!

Raining? No problem – Go for an Irish Whiskey/Scotch Tasting!

Irish Pubs warm the Soul

Noah and I always feel cosy and well-cared for in an Irish Pub. Perhaps it’s because we’re both part Irish. Perhaps it’s because the weather in the Isles is often dreary and pubs are often filled with warm natural wood, fireplaces, nice conversation, and hearty, warming food.

When the weather is sub-par – celebrate it! Pull out a few types of whiskey and pour a flight! Turn up the folktunes and discuss the flavors of the drink, the warmth, and the way you feel.

Drift away to the Irish Isles while the rain outside makes your world a little greener. Make sure you have some Irish Stew simmering and Soda Bread baking!

Turn Up Your Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday Turned Up!

Who doesn’t love taco Tuesday? A reason to celebrate food that happens EVERY WEEK??? What?!?!?

This Tuesday, let’s turn it up a notch! Pull up this Spotify Playlist, set the table with chips and salsa, make some homemade margaritas, and pile your tacos high! After dinner, how about some Mexican hot chocolate or churros and the movie Like Water for Chocolate? Sizzling….

Celebrate Paris – The City of Love

Noah and I love a good wine and cheese night. With the most delicious cheeses, breads, fruits, and crackers from around the world, good music (hint, hint), and a bottle of Bordeaux all of our cares can melt away. Make sure you celebrate the City of Light with lots of candles! Finish up the evening with some Kusmi Tea, Ladurée Macarons, and a French film. There are too many good ones for me to make a recommendation! What are you favorite French or French-based movies?

Upscale Your Life in Japan!

Is there anything more beautiful than a Japanese table?

Missing the finer things in life? Enjoy a Japanese Tea Ceremony or a sushi night! Bonus points if you sit cross-legged on the floor! Decorate with paper lanterns, silks, and cherry blossoms, then find some traditional Japanese music to elevate any room! End the night in zen with some meditation and self-discovery.

Search for Spice in India!

Spice Up Your Life with a Night in India!

There’s little denying that Indians know how to spice up life – with food, with fun, with music, with parties, and with love lives! Pull out the curry and the incense, let’s get sensual! Decorate with candles, colorful silks, and marigold flowers. If you’re artistic, you can try your hand at Rangoli, a tradition usually done around their Festival of Lights: Diwali. End the evening with Bollywood and rest assured that your spirits will be lifted!

Party Like It’s Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest may be cancelled, but the Germans will NO DOUBT celebrate!

Feeling kitschy? Find a Dirndl and a Maß and enjoy Oktoberfest any time of the year! Grab a gingham table cloth, head outside in the sun, pour a German Maß, take some bread, whole-grain mustard, and brats, and you’ve got a party! Enjoy some traditional music and polka with your family!

Enjoy a Day in Sun with a Barbie/Braai/Jerk/BBQ

Love a barbecue? Why not add an international twist!

Who doesn’t love cooking over an open fire outside? It’s the BEST way to spend a day off! Next time you plan a day by the grill, why not add a twist of Australia Barbie, South Africa Braai, Caribbean Jerk, or traditional Southern BBQ?

OR- for a VERY special occasion- do them all!

Can’t decide? Why not dedicate certain rooms to certain countries? You could travel the world within the rooms of your home!

Overall, know that this will pass. Find time to celebrate the little things! We’ll see you on the other side!


Noah and Majhon

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