Toasting Traditions: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day at our place resembles New Year’s Eve in that we break with tradition. We’re “boring.” Or…Creative? After several years of lackluster, yet exorbitantly expensive, dinners out we decided to see what fun we could have with the money if we stayed in instead. It turns out, the average American man will spend around $250 on gifts for the annual holiday. And, the average city-dwelling American date ends up running around $400-$500 per couple. Wow! Noah and I decided early on that the up-charges for holiday dates just weren’t worth it. That could be airfare to Paris… And, we’d rather use it that way.

Fast forward to 2021, and most Americans should be staying home anyway! So, let some “boring” stay-at-home V-Day veterans help you spice up your holiday as a couple (and a bonus near the end for my single friends, too!).

Celebrate Traditions Around the World

Denmark and Norway

In these Scandinavian countries simple gifts are exchanged with friends and family. They present pressed white flowers, called snowdrops, to those whom they love.


A night out in France to celebrate love is a nightly occasion! But, they have a very interesting (and now illegal) Valentine’s Day tradition. Une Loterie D’Amour, a lottery of love…Single people would face each other from their windows and men would call out the names of the one they love. Any woman who was left unpaired at the end of the night joined in a bonfire with the other single ladies where they would burn photos of the men who rejected them and hurl insults into the night sky. Hey Single Ladies!!! A bonfire and photo burning may be just the thing for you this year!

South Korea

Women are the gift givers on Valentine’s Day in South Korea! Surprise your man with some flowers and chocolates! Then, on “White Day” on March 14th, he’ll do the same for you and up the ante with a gift as well!

South Africa

Are you unsure how to tell someone how you feel about them? South Africa has a really cute approach for this universal conundrum. Women write the name of their love (or crush) on a paper heart and pin it to their sleeve to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a cute way of saying “I love you” without saying anything at all!


Argentinians take the celebration up a notch! They celebrate all week! From February 13-20, they celebrate “Sweetness Week.” Lovers exchange kisses for candy, and on February 20th the celebration ends with friendship day, where they give gifts and cards to their entire friend group.


Tradition states that on Valentine’s Day is when the birds couple up! This is also, according to tradition, when the fields are ready for spring planting. So, Slovenians tend to their fields and watch the birds fall in love. Cute!

Take a Walk

Many of you already know my absolute love of winter walks from this post. Valentine’s Day is a great day to take a stroll with the one you love. Maybe you’re on a beach and can etch your names or hearts into the sand. Maybe you’re in the woods and can see the first glimpses of spring flowers. Maybe your in city snow and can build a snow couple. Or, maybe you’re able to place a love lock on your favorite bridge or fence! Take a hint from Slovenia and enjoy the promise of spring, the newness of the year, and a renewal of your love in nature.

Get Crafty

I’ll be honest, I’m not an arts and crafts lover. However, Noah has his creative spurts in the visual arts. One year for Valentine’s Day, he made paper snowflakes, construction paper cut-out love notes, and paper hearts and strung them all over our house – from the staircases, to the ceiling fans, and light fixtures. Then, he adjusted our Philips Hue lighting to be all pink and purple. When I got home from work, I was in a wonderland of love. It was very sweet.

If your family is crafty, turn it into an event! How can you decorate your home? Create gifts? Make souvenirs? The sky is the limit – and you have a very clear theme!

Play Games

Game nights have been a staple in our house for years, but especially during COVID-19. It’s nice to step away from work, phones, televisions, and computers and have some old fashioned fun. We love escape room games, cards, dice, and old-fashioned board games! And, since it is Valentine’s Day (if you’re really nerdy) Strip Scrabble anyone? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂


I may not love crafts, but I do love cooking! And surf and turf with a California Cab is a big tradition for us on Valentine’s Day. We have fun together, we make an amazing dinner, and we save around $300! Here’s a good starter recipe for our annual V-Day Dinner!

And, if you’re ready to really splurge, here’s our favorite wine pairing!

Or, you could get even more creative and pair your cooking with your crafting to create a themed-night at home!

Give Back – SINGLES TOO!

This year has been filled with so many trials and tribulations for all of us. But, some have truly suffered. I’ve been absolutely amazed by the generosity of strangers and those who have given time, money, kind words to those who really need it.

Maybe instead of the traditional Valentine’s Day, try spreading the love with those who may need it the most. From food pantries to beach clean-ups to to community gardens to plogging to animal shelters, there are many ways you can share the love next week. What’s available in your area? How will you give back?

Have a Laugh! SINGLES!

The Bronx Zoo will name a roach after someone you…um….used to love?

I love the French tradition of burning photos at a bonfire with friends. Get rid of the lottery bit and just invite your besties to a party. It seems fun and therapeutic!

Giving back is always a good idea! And, if you can’t stand people right now, there are always fur babies in need of love at your local shelters.

Treat yourself! You don’t need someone to buy you treats! Plus, you know what you really want! Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself, you’re the best investment you could possibly make. So, what will it be? A spa day? Chocolates and flowers? Yoga class? An all day sports or movie marathon? Video games? A digital detox and long hike? Enjoy yourself and celebrate life!

How will you celebrate love this year? 

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Stay in your region this year, stay safe, stay distant, and be like the NYC statues – wear your masks! We’ll see you on the other side.

Other At-Home (or Near Home) Ideas!!!

Here’s to a year of a better and healthier you!


Noah and Majhon

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