Toasting Traditions: Valentine’s Day

After several years of lackluster, yet exorbitantly expensive, dinners out we decided to see what fun we could have with the money if we stayed in instead. It turns out, the average American man will spend around $250 on gifts for the annual holiday. And, the average city-dwelling American date ends up running around $400-$500 per couple. Wow! Noah and I decided early on that the uncharges for holiday dates just weren’t worth it. That could be airfare to Paris… And, we’d rather use it that way. Fast forward to 2021, and most Americans should be staying home anyway! So, let some “boring” stay-at-home V-Day veterans help you spice up your holiday as a couple (and a bonus near the end for my single friends, too!).

The Coolest App You Forgot About in 2010

But, there is one Google app that I have neglected. When it was launched it created a whirlwind of delight all over the world. And yet, many of us have neglected it (or completely forgot about it) since we became bored with looking up our own backyards…