The Coolest App You Forgot About in 2010

Sure, we have all used Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, and Google Calendar. But, Alphabet Inc. has a lot more to offer than basic business and household tools.

Due to COVID-19, I’ve had plenty of time to do some digging. It didn’t take me long to get bored of the secret Google Easter eggs. I played around with Pac-Man, Breakout, and Snake. I even did a few barrel rolls.

As a traveler and writer, I’m well acquainted with Google Translate, Google Photos, Snapseed, and Google Maps.

But, there is one Google app that I have neglected. When it was launched it created a whirlwind of delight all over the world. And yet, many of us have neglected it (or completely forgotten about it) since we became bored with looking up our own backyards.

When was the last time you used Google Earth on your mobile device?

Top 10 Reasons You Should Use Google Earth:

  • 10. Use it as a travel idea board
    • Google Earth recommends places to travel next! Simply choose Voyager from the main menu and select the travel tab!
  • 9. Roll the Dice
    • Have a few moments to spare? Roll the die at the top of the app to learn about a random location and see a myriad of photos!
  • 8. Get out in Nature
    • Google Earth has recently added the most visited attractions from all of the US national parks! You can also find information on the Earth’s Ecosystems offered by hhmi BioInteractive, or go inside an active volcano! Go to the Voyager section from the main menu and click the “nature” tab.
  • 7. Go to a Museum
    • Google Earth has recently added interactive exhibits and spaces within many of the world’s most famous museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Palace of Versaille, and the Tate Modern (along with many more). Simply search for “Museums around the world.”
  • 6. Quiz your Knowledge
    • Are you a travel nut? Do you love trivia? Then, test your skills by choosing the Voyager section in the menu and cruising over to “Games.”
  • 5. Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
    • Are you missing your childhood PBS show? Good news! They’ve relaunched the show on Netflix, and Google has an interactive game that takes you around the world on a quest to find Ms. Sandiego! Head to the “Games” tab in the Voyager section!
  • 4. Learn about the Ecosystem
    • Sure, you’ve heard about the glaciers, the polar bears, and the rising ocean levels. But, have you seen them? Learn first-hand from Google Earth! Head to the Voyager section and click the “Layers” tab.
  • 3. Get Cultural
    • What do you know about our world and cultural celebrations? Right now, by going to Voyager “Culture,” you can see Cherry Blossoms around the world, join in on the Chinese New Year celebrations, learn about the history of black pioneers in the United States, and read/see poetry and poets around the world.
  • 2. Go to Space
    • Is the earth bringing you down? I feel you… Maybe it’s time to explore the universe instead. Search “Visit the International Space Station” to find your inner-astronaut.

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Enjoy Your Adventure!

Keep in mind that this too shall pass – so have some fun, explore new places from the couch, and learn about some interesting people and fascinating activities! I’ll see you out there again when the storm has passed. 


Noah and Majhon

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