Toasting the Moon at Home During COVID-19

Travel for 2 cost breakdown (at the time of writing this post):

  • Home: Only your standard rent!
  • Food/Entertainment: $750
  • GRAND TOTAL FOR 2 – Shelter-In-Place ā€“ 15 days: $750

***At this time, we are not endorsed by any outside affiliates. That said ā€“ when staying at home, we have had a lot of success with DoorDash, Netflix, AT&T TV Now (with HBO), Hulu, FandangoNOW, local wine and craft beer!


This is the one blog post where we don’t recommend booking ahead, unless you want to think ahead to what game or movie sounds most fun tonight…. Instead, let’s travel the world through the eyes of another! So, pick your style and enjoy the journeys!


There are times in life where you simply can’t get out. This might be because you are sick, this might be because you are injured, this might be because of war/conflict/unrest, and this might be because of a global pandemic, like the one we’re all experiencing at this moment.

We need to watch for new information and the news, but it’s so easy to get trapped in the mania and panic. Worry doesn’t help anyone…If you can help – HELP! Please! But, if your skillset doesn’t involve caring for the ill or researching a cure, sometimes you need to let your mind rest by limiting your exposure to the chaos.

So, instead, let’s explore the world together!

Travel Experts For Foodies!

  • Anthony Bourdain (Parts Unknown, The Layover, No Reservations) – Hulu
    • Anthony Bourdain (chef, writer, TV personality) was the king of travel and food television. He had an amazing way of connecting with all people, asking tough questions, but also putting people at ease. His narratives are truthful, witty, and profound. He leaves the viewer with a stronger understanding and excitement about what is often considered the “Other.” Watch – Learn – Grow!
  • Phil Rosenthal (Somebody Feed Phil, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having) – Netflix
    • Phil Rosenthal (writer and creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) is the quintessential “guy next door” when traveling. He is fun-loving, quirky, kind, and eager to show his true (and oftentimes embarrassing) moments. He’s the kind of excited, humble, thankful, and curious traveler I hope to be.
  • Eric Ripert (Avec Eric) – FREE on Eric’s Site
    • Eric Ripert (chef, writer, and TV Personality) was a good friend of Anthony Bourdain. They would often travel together in their shows. Eric is slightly more goofy than Anthony, but also fierce in the kitchen and a wonderful traveler. His shows blend travel with food so much that after he finishes a trip, he shows you how you can cook dishes from that culture at home! (Great for those forced to cook and eat at home days!)
  • David Chang (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and Ugly Delicious) – Netflix
    • David Chang (chef and TV personality) is new to the travel TV scene. But, his blend of exploring communities, cooking, and visiting celebrity friends in different parts of the world is loads of fun! He visits some places that don’t generally garner much attention, which makes it a fun new experience for travel TV junkies like me.
  • Zane Lamprey (Drinking Made Easy, Three Sheets, Four Sheets) – DrinkTV
    • Zane Lamprey turns college frat parties and drinking games into travel television. He hops (or crawls) around the globe looking for the coolest drinks and drinking customs. He even suggests what “shouldn’t be done” as a drinking game throughout the shows. Grab your friends and some drinks and explore the globe while having fun!
  • Jack Maxwell (Booze Traveler, Booze Traveler: Best Bars) – Travel Channel
    • Maxwell is a Bostonian bartender turned TV host who treks the globe to experience true culture, which he describes as best being found at the local bars. He explores mixed drinks, local crafts and brews, customs, and cultures. Always a treat to watch him mix a cocktail, discuss Boston traditions, and find new traditions in the places he visits.

Traveling with Comedy

  • Better Late Than Never – NBC
    • Better Late Than Never followed a powerhouse lineup of William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, Henry Winkler, and Jeff Dye as they traveled around Asia in season 1 and Europe in season 2. The hilarity is NOT to be missed!
  • Travel Man – Hulu
    • Richard Ayoade (of Gadget Man) travels the globe on mini-breaks or weekend trips. He maintains a fast and furious speed, while introducing a new celebrity comedian to join him in every episode. He is quick to tell you what he doesn’t like and makes hilarious British-style commentary on each food and adventure experience. A fast-paced, fast-spoken gem!
  • Karl Pilkington (An Idiot Abroad, The Moaning of Life) – YouTube
    • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant set up a trip of a lifetime for Karl, their “idiot” friend. It’s hilarious to watch a no-nonsense traveler traverse the best and the worst of the world and give his “idiotic” take on the experiences.
  • Travels with My Father – Netflix
    • This is a brilliant and hilarious matchup with father Michael Whitehall and comedian Jack Whitehall. This show explores the differences in generations and family travel. Michael is stoic, realistic, and uptight, while Jack is casual, overly optimistic, and goofy. The laughs never cease!
  • Conan Without Borders – Netflix
    • Conan O’Brien leaves his late-night desk in search of adventure and culture around the globe. He finds some amazing eats, fun, people, and activities along his way!
  • Stephen Fry (Stephen Fry in America, Stephen Fry in Central America) – Netflix
    • Stephen Fry is a comedian, intellectual, adventure-seeker, and part-time anthropologist. His shows are amusing, educational, hilarious, and profound – all in one!

Travel for Adrenaline Junkies

  • Basic Verses Baller (Hulu)
    • Basic Verses Baller presents the Vagabrothers as they travel around the world showing that you can experience a lot on any budget. The premise of the show has them play a game of trivia in each location to decide who gets the “basic” budget and who gets to live as a baller. It’s interesting, educational, funny, and exciting to see where they go and how they can survive on $5 versus $5,000.
  • How to Adventure (CuriousityStream)
    • Riaan Manser, who has rowed from Africa to America and circumnavigated Africa by bicycle, is now showing all of us how we can add more adventure into our lives. He tours around South Africa with friends from all walks of life while enjoying adventures from surfing and skydiving, to horseback riding, to hiking, and everything in between. It’s a fun program packed with ideas on how you can add more adventure into your life.
  • Top Gear (Netflix)
    • Calling all car and travel enthusiasts! Top Gear is one of the most famous programs in this genre. It includes multiple generations, backgrounds, and comedic stylings all “geared” around cars and exploration. Move over Fast and Furious – the real enthusiasts are in-town!

Enjoy Your Adventure!

Keep in mind that this too shall pass – so have some fun, explore new places from the couch, and learn about some interesting people and fascinating activities! I’ll see you out there again when the storm has passed.


Noah and Majhon

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