Toasting the Moon at Home: Week 2 of Quarantine During COVID-19

Typically, I spend every Tuesday and Friday morning revisiting and writing about places that we’ve been, things we’ve seen, people we’ve met, and foods we’ve tasted. But, something seems wrong with posting those adventures when everyone around the world is (or should be) grounded.

So, for the second week, I’m writing about how to continue your adventures and explorations from home. Last week, we started with how you could explore the world through the eyes of another via travel TV! If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!

There comes a point in time where you can’t be on the couch watching TV and taking cat photos any longer….

So, let’s go on a tasting adventure!

Clubs, Boxes and Subscriptions to Taste, Touch, and Smell

For the Traveling Foodie:

  • Try The World
    • “A trip around the world, without leaving home. ‘Try The World’ brings you a box full of goodies from countries around the world every month.”
  • Spicery Recipe Kits
    • “A perfect gift for a culinary explorer or treat yourself to simple but exotic flavours! TWO recipe kits with freshly blended spices, portioned out, to create outstanding & unusual meals for 4 people. Add the fresh ingredients, follow the step-by-step instructions & create incredible world food – amaze your friends &family, with minimum effort!”

For the Drink Connoisseur

  • Tasting Collection
    • “Everyone has a different taste and other preferences. Tasting Collection will teach you to determine your taste in a relaxed way. With all special and known brands within hand reach. And if you discover something you really love after tasting, you can order the full product at Tasting Collection.”
  • Flaviar Tasting Boxes
    • “Try before you buy. Our themed Tasting Boxes come with a selection of drinks, tasting notes and instructions on how to taste. We pick the drinks to showcase the flavor range of each category and make it even easier for you to find the one. Remember: Tasting is Believing”

For the Traveling Reader

  • The Wordy Traveler
    • “The Wordy Traveler is a quarterly book subscription for those with wanderlust. Each quarter your curated box will transport you to an amazing destination with hand selected books from travel writers, ethically-sourced tea, and limited edition art print. A portion of the proceeds from every box are donated to help the countries we feature.”

For Those Missing Their Spring Vacations

  • Life’s A Wave
    • “Life’s A Wave Box is a monthly subscription box filled with beach, ocean and sea life themed goodies! Home decor, self care items, candy/food items, shells, candles, soaps, and so much more! This is the perfect GIFT for yourself, family member, friend or someone special that not only loves the beach & ocean, but loves to help the planet as well.”
  • Vacation Crate
    • “Vacation Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers something we all need… vacation! We carefully select each month’s 8+ products with our jet-setting subscribers in mind. Each month’s box includes products and accessories focused on one destination. Travel with us across the globe and immerse yourself in a new culture every month!”

For All of Us Suffering From Too Much Anxiety…

My favorite subscription box comes from the Scandinavian idea of coziness – The Hygge Box! My mom and I take turns gifting this box to each other every year. Maybe you need some extra peace and coziness, too – give it a try!

  • Hygge Box
    • “Hygge Box is about preserving happiness everyday. Each box includes handpicked items from around the world to support your hygge lifestyle and inspire hyggelig (nice) moments. 4-5 Handpicked seasonal items, Elements of light like candles or fairy lights, Hot drinks like specialty tea or cocoa, Indulgences like biscuits or chocolate, Cozy, happy moments guaranteed.”

I’m also guessing that you’ve spent a lot of time and money making your home nice and cozy. How often do you enjoy it and play in it? You could do a wine tasting around your home, cook specialty dishes from your childhood, bake, and make breads that will scent the whole house with warmth, sweetness, and coziness.

This week, Noah and I hosted our own St. Patrick’s Day Pub. We played Flogging Molly, wore green, enjoyed the green rolling hillsides of California and broke out our travel souvenirs of Writer’s Tears and Guinness!

From there, we discovered that it’s fun to bust out the travel goodies! So, we’ve explored our candies from Asia and Scandinavia….

Our teas from France, Canada, New York, China, and Japan….

And, our coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, and El Salvador!

How are you continuing your adventures from home? Let us know!

***We are not endorsed or sponsored by any of the subscriptions or boxes we have mentioned. These are simply recommended from our own experiences and research. Enjoy!***


Noah and Majhon

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