Our Top 10 Stay-at-Home Quarantine Activities

As the world slowly starts to reopen and we socially distance outside of the home, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past eight weeks. There have been plenty of ups and downs in the world around us, in our relationship, in our relationship with our cats, and with our ever growing wanderlust.

Escape Quarantine with Themed Nights-at-Home

Are you celebrating? I think that finding reasons to throw a party (no matter how small) is especially important in times of high stress and crisis. I’ve noticed that on the days I create a “special occasion” in our house, both of our spirits are lifted. If you have children, it’s even MORE important to create a bit of normalcy in celebratory ways. And, if you’re alone, find a reason to bust out the champagne and special chocolates! YOU are worth it!

Toasting the Moon at Home During COVID-19

Anthony Bourdain (chef, writer, TV personality) was the king of travel and food television. He had an amazing way of connecting with all people, asking tough questions, but also putting people at ease. His narratives are truthful, witty, and profound. He leaves the viewer with a stronger understanding and excitement about what is often considered the “Other.” Watch – Learn – Grow!