Our Top 10 Stay-at-Home Quarantine Activities

As the world slowly starts to reopen and we socially distance outside of the home, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past eight weeks.

There have been plenty of ups and downs in the world around us, in our relationship, in our relationship with our cats, and with our ever growing wanderlust.

However, now that we’re approaching the end, I can say that this time has brought all of us closer together. We’ve been unbelievably lucky through the crisis, and we won’t lose sight of that.

We hope the best for those who are struggling. And we are sending our deepest condolences and friendship to those who have lost everything.

If you are a lucky one – like us – how have you kept yourself busy during the quarantine?

Here is a recap of our top 10 ways to spend time while staying-at-home:

10) Subscribe to a Travel Box: Week 2: Toasting the Moon at Home

9) Reading a Great Travel Book: Week 3: Toasting the Moon at Home

8) Finding your spirit animal in travel TV: Week 1: Toasting the Moon at Home

7) Playing Travel TV Drinking Games: Week 1: Toasting the Moon at Home

6) Virtual Travel: The Coolest App You Forgot About in 2010

5) Having Time to Think: Questions on Quitting Quarantine

4) Finding solidarity with friends via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime: Questions on Quitting Quarantine


3) Getting Involved: United We Stand Apart

2) Themed Parties for 1 or 2..or 4: Escape Quarantine with Themed Nights

1) Creative Projects: United We Stand Apart

How did you spend your time at home? What are your top 10?

See you soon!


Noah and Majhon

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