On the Move During COVID-19

How to Move During the Biggest Worldwide Crisis of Our Lifetime

Moving Across the Country Has Been a Challenge During Coronavirus….

Noah and I have been preparing since October to move from sunny California to the Empire State. We had arranged everything with our work, we had told our family and friends, we had found an apartment and signed a lease. We were three weeks away from our big move when quarantine struck Santa Clara County.

Since all of us have been home, many people assumed we had made it to New York already. Others called with questions and concerns about our travel and about the overall state of devastation in New York City.

However, we didn’t get there. We couldn’t get there.

Noah and I will say in every post (and to ourselves everyday) that we have been very lucky. We are in good health. We have work to keep us occupied. Our financial situation is in good standing (for now). But, people continue to send their love and sympathy with the difficulty of shutting down a business in California and moving during this crisis.

Maybe you were considering a move as well… We see a lot of people trying to move to be closer to family. Others have decided that they can work from home indefinitely, so why not live where their passions are. And still others, sadly, are now out of work and are looking for their next step. If any of these are you, here’s what we’ve learned so far about moving during COVID-19**.

**Please take all of this information as one person’s opinion. This is not going to be 100% true for everyone in the United States. This is simply our experience living in Santa Clara County and trying to move to New York City (which are two of the hardest hit areas in the United States, so our experience has been extreme…to say the least).

Our original NYC move announcement. It has been postponed, hopefully now by July 4, 2020.

The Bad News

I always like to get the bad news over with…So, let’s cover it now. There are five (5) things that are going to make your move more difficult during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • If you own your home, the market is falling…quickly. In fact, I’m not sure there are any buyers who aren’t scared of making a purchase or are waiting for the market to bottom-out later this year. Selling is HARD! If we can’t sell, we are considering renting out our home until conditions improve.
  • Got Stuff??? I know we do. Trying to get rid of items has been incredibly challenging. Donation centers are just now starting to collect donations again, but the hours are strange, and their warehouses are filling up very quickly. The recycling centers and junk yards are even more difficult to navigate regarding hours, safety procedures and rates. And, at least in California, consignment centers and yard sales are not an essential business, so easy selling is out of the question.
  • Air travel is confusing. Airfare can be booked, but airport tests and quarantines have been troublesome. Further, will taxis and transportation be available at the new destination? It’s important to heed safety precautions, wear masks, and follow guidelines. For us, we’re happy to follow the guidelines because we want the best for our fellow travelers and ourselves. And if you disagree, for you, because it’s going to make your life easier (and allow you to get from point A to Point B) by not causing a scene.
  • Driving?? Be aware of each state regulation that you will pass through. How will you fuel your vehicle? How will you get nourishment and rest? Each state is opening in different ways at different times. Do your research in advance.
  • Pets….Moving with pets is always a little challenging. But, it’s even more intensified now. Different states have different regulations when it comes to bringing pets into and out of the state. What vaccinations are required? Are there any health certificate mandates? But, now, we also have the COVID-19 issues of limited veterinary care and the question of how pets will be checked at the airports with social distancing practices…

The Good News!

Moving is always a headache. Moving now intensifies that in multiples. It’s not impossible, but you have to be very sure that it’s what you want to do. There are a few silver-linings.

  • The market is desperate. You will likely be able to buy or rent at better rates now than at this time last year. Plus interest rates to buy are great for first time buyers. Jump in the game now!
  • Moving companies are considered essential business. We have had NO PROBLEMS booking a moving company for whenever we want!
  • Air travel has space – for once…Don’t take a holiday right now because of that little hint. (PLEASE!) But, if you HAVE to travel (like to move or to attend a funeral), travel with a mask and stay socially distanced.
  • The roads are clearer than they’ve been for years. Just sanitize fuel pumps, have plenty of gloves, and wear your mask outside near others.
  • Missing out on the daily commute is giving you time to pack, organize, plan, and decide what’s truly best for you and your family. Take advantage of that gift.

So, when are we taking the plunge?

Our house is on the market. New York City is on track to hit phase one of reopening in June. Our original plan was to be moved by April 12th. Our new goal is to be in our new apartment by Independence Day. Wish us luck and good health!

We’ll see you out there when the world reopens!


Noah and Majhon

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