United We Stand – Apart

Quarantine Week 6 – COVID-19

During this crisis, the artists of the world have united. I think that for many of us, through trying to push through life-as-usual, work as much as possible, and count down the days until Shelter-at-Home is lifted normalizes our lives.

It often takes an outsider, an artist, to force us to look at the reality and feel… Feel for others who have the virus, feel for workers who are risking their lives everyday to keep the world going, feel for those who have lost their jobs and are struggling to keep food on the table, and feel for ourselves – realizing that there is a strong possibility that it will take a while before the world returns to the way we knew it before – if ever.

I’ve been so thankful for my personal friends (musicians) who have taken time to host live events online. A special shout-out to those who continue to bring fun and joy weekly through Facebook Live and IGTV – Matthew Piazzi, Esha K., and Orchard Fire to name a few.

Orchard Fire had planned to shoot a music video for their song “Follow” this spring. But, like all of our plans, their plans were cancelled due to the virus. Instead of being angry or venting, they came up with a new plan! Instead – they asked their fans to create videos. They will be combining the videos to create a Quarantine Music Video! Leave it to great artists, like Orchard Fire, to take a difficult situation and create a solution for their band and their fans, while writing a piece of history that tells all of our collective stories.

Here’s a sneak peek at what Toast the Moon submitted for the video…

We’re Sending Big Thanks to Global Citizen and Lady Gaga

On Saturday (April 18, 2020), major artists from around the world presented a massive event that lasted ALL DAY! There were inspiring stories, emotional performances and lumps in my throat the entire time.

“Celebrities, leaders, health experts, and scientists celebrated frontlines workers facing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in a historic global event on Saturday.

Global Citizen, in collaboration with Lady Gaga, brought together more than 70 musical acts and performances for the One World: Together At Home special event in support of health care workers and World Health Organization (WHO). The night raised $127.9 million, providing $55.1 million to the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and $72.8 million to local and regional responders. 

Hosted by late-night stars Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Stephen Colbert of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the show reached billions of people in 175 countries.”


Someone to Tell Our Story

So many of us wonder, when we are gone, how will we be remembered? For many of you, you hope that your children will continue your legacy. For some of you, you hope that your work and your efforts in your career will lead to a legacy. And, I hope that both are true for you.

But, the artists tell the story of our time. Our collective lives will be told by the artists. The history books will account for the dates, the leadership, the events and the scale. Wars were waged, plagues were endured, natural disasters shook the earth to its core.

But, no one else told the story of the “Starry Night” like Van Gogh. No one else captured the essence of Washington crossing the Delaware like Leutze. During the conflict leading to both WWI and WWII no one else captured the fear of “The Scream” like Munch. The fashion of Coco Chanel after the Great Depression, the horror of German film during the 1930s, the rage of Beethoven’s 5th during the Napoleonic Wars – the artists show what’s happening to the everyday man. Everyday, their work tells our story.

What will our stories say?

I’ve read that there was the “Greatest Generation” (my grandparents). And, recently, I read that history may end up calling Millennials the “Generation of Terror.”

Think about it for a moment. Most of us were born during a stock market crash. Soon afterwards, the United States waged a war on drugs that unfairly and unjustly persecuted our minority races by sending them to private prisons that ended up padding the pocketbooks of upper-class white men.

We have been on a mission for oil, that, in our lifetimes, started with Desert Storm and has truly never stopped. The United States and much of the west has been reeling after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, creating a new normal for wars, society, and military actions. The earth has been waging a war against humans and our inability to take care of it with natural disasters never seen before.

And, now, we are facing one of the worst pandemics in all of history. It’s no wonder that even our comedies are dark these days.

The Stories Don’t End There…

The light at the end of this tunnel shines brightly. Don’t think this is the end. The earth is using this time; it’s healing itself. People around the world are coming together to show compassion and love for their fellow man. Animals are taking over their natural habitats and enjoying their time for freedom. And, we will too. This too shall pass.

For now, take care of yourself and your neighbors. Spread empathy. Stop the hate. Stop creating conspiracy theories and instead spend your time making yourself better. You’ve been given TIME. There is nothing more precious or sacred. All of the money in the world can’t buy you more of it. Use it wisely. This TIME is precious. Treasure it. You’ll be very busy again, very soon.

From your fellow Generation of Terror neighbor, we can turn all of this pain into a better tomorrow for the next generation if we work together. And, maybe, just maybe, we can become the Greatest Generation.

I’ll see you out there when the storm has passed.


Noah and Majhon

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