Toasting 2021 Around the World At Home

New Year’s Eve is going to look different this year. Parties are cancelled. Clubs are closed. Restaurants are offering Pre-Fixe Meals in brown paper bags. Around the world, COVID-19 continues to rage on. And, although vaccines are in their early stages of roll-out, we are still needing to play it safe through the holiday.

To be honest, New Year’s Eve won’t look very different for Noah and me. For the past five years, we’ve had a lot more fun on NYE staying in and traveling virtually. In fact, it’s made of dream of a day when you could actually travel around the world on New Year’s Eve to perhaps 3-4 different time zones. We’ve actually calculated that if you started in Auckland, you may be able to fly to London, and then to the west coast of the USA and party at all three! You’d need a private plane and super speedy transportation, of course, but it COULD be possible…Ah…one day. One day when we can “safely move about the cabin” again…

Join the Party From Home

If you’re curious about joining the world’s celebrations for New Year’s Eve, YouTube often live streams several versions of world cams. We’ve watched on ABC’s and BBC’s live feed before. I don’t see those posted yet for this year, but EarthCam is prepping their live feed already! Here’s the link:


The link we are watching today –

Our New Year’s Eve tradition begins early in the morning as we catch-up on what happened in Auckland and Sydney. These fireworks shows are always absolutely amazing. It’s a great way to enjoy some “brekkie” of scrambled eggs and toast with a cappuccino. If you aren’t up in time to see these live, please look up the replays. They are stunning and magical (particularly Sydney’s).

Quickly following, you’ll be able to see Hong Kong, Taipei, North and South Korea, Tokyo, and Jakarta (among others depending on the year and political climate).

The next big display will probably be Dubai. This is another one that is always top of our list of favorites. I mean…pyrotechnics + light show + water works off of the tallest building on earth. It’s phenomenal.

After Dubai, you’ll be taken across Europe from Moscow to Athens to Berlin to Paris to London. These cities know how to party. (Although they will probably look very different this year!)

Next, you’ll see the Americas. Our first show is typically in Rio. However, officials have cancelled the beach party this year, due to the pandemic. I’m not sure if they will continue to put on the fireworks show for the virtual audience or not… The last big show of the world stream is the ball drop in Times Square, NYC. Again, this will look VERY different this year as no one will be present for the ball drop. It will only be viewable via telecast.

It’s great to see the entire world celebrate a shared day and look for renewal in the new year. Although this year will be different, I know that the major cities all have big things planned to help us find some hope to ring in 2021.

Aside from watching and joining in the fun of the New Year’s Celebrations around the world, we also like to learn about various traditions of the cultures! We’ll plan several meal courses throughout the day that pair with the place that’s streaming. For us this year, we’re planning an Australian “Brekkie,” a German lunch, a Swiss snack, and a French dinner!

Here are some ideas for you, too!


  • Australia and New Zealand are ALL about the fireworks! They’ll pack picnics and camp out for hours to get the best viewing of the shows. I think it’s time to literally “blow up” 2020…and they agree! Don’t miss their fireworks to mark the end of this year! Onto 2021!
  • The Philippines – Pick out and enjoy a round fruit! Any fruit will do! The round fruits represent coins that will bring you prosperity in the new year!
  • Japan – I LOVE THIS ONE! The Japanese enjoy Soba noodles to ring in the New Year. Since these noodles are easily cut, they are representative of “cutting off the old year” with regrets and letting go. Time to bring in something new. The monks also ring bells all throughout New Year’s Eve. The ring the bell 107 times on New Year’s Eve and once at the stroke of midnight to dispel the 108 evil desires of human nature. Can’t hurt!
  • Turkey – Sprinkle some salt on your doorway for New Year’s Eve. This will help ensure peace and prosperity for you next year. WE ALL NEED THIS!
  • Russia – This one is pretty fun, but I can’t imagine it’s healthy??? Write down your wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper. Then, burn the paper to ashes. Pour the ashes in your glass of champagne and drink up at midnight! The wishes from the ashes will be made true!
  • Estonia – We do this year every year, accidentally! In Estonia, the amount of meals you can eat on New Year’s equals the amount of blessings you will receive! They aim for seven to twelve – WOW!
  • Greece – The Greeks celebrate by baking a loaf of sweet bread and sharing it with their nearest and dearest. They bake a coin into the loaf and whoever ends up with the coin in their slice will have good fortune in the upcoming year! Also, just after midnight, be sure to throw and smash a cut pomegranate at your door. The amount of seeds that scatter determine your amount of blessings for the upcoming year.
  • Denmark – Fish and mustard is the feast of the day for the Danes. Then, when they’re done eating, the real fun is smashing their plates. The intent is to leave any ill-will and aggression from the previous year in the past. “Noah, how many plates do we actually need?”
  • Italy – The Italians feast on lentils and pork on New Year’s to represent plentiful bounties for the upcoming year. (***They also wear red underwear to ensure fertility…If that’s something you’re into…***)
  • Spain – Are you needing some luck? Grab some green grapes! Start your countdown at 12 seconds to midnight and make sure you eat 12 green grapes in that timespan! If you can accomplish the challenge, good luck will be yours for the upcoming year!
  • France – Bring out the fine china! In France, it’s all about the luxury! They dine on rich and expensive foods such as oysters, foie gras, caviar, lobster, escargot, and champagne.
  • Ireland – Did you accidentally make more that one loaf of bread? I hear you…that flour gets out of hand. The Irish have a way to use it! Apparently, we all have evil spirits in our homes. To chase them away and guarantee good luck, you should bang loaves of bread on all of your walls of your home. Spirits be gone (and well fed on bread…)!

Which was your favorite fireworks show? And which tradition(s) did you try? Make sure to “Cheers” your favorite cultures by supporting the merch in our store, and let us know your New Year’s Eve Traditions! We love hearing from you!

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