Toasting Self-Care in 2021!

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New Year! New Goals!

I’ve often signed holiday cards wishing people success, happiness, adventure, love, and prosperity in the past. How many of you joined me this year with instead wishing your loved ones health, calm, serenity, and peace? We are living through a tumultuous time, and we need all the self-care we can find!

I’ve dedicated the past few months to discovering the best-of-the-best in my own personal self-care toolkit. What tools, practices, and routines will keep you going in 2021?

Exercise and Fitness

I’ve exercised 5-6 day per week for five years now. I know my body needs it, and I’ve learned that my mental health needs it, too. I never look forward to it, but I feel so much better after I’ve accomplished 30-60 minutes working my body. Until this year, I’ve been an avid Beachbody user. The coaches are motivating, the routines are challenging, and results are obvious. I highly recommend it, and no, I’m not a Beachbody coach, and I won’t be paid for this mention. I’m self-motivated, and it was easy to follow the programs at home without having to turn fitness into a social activity.

Toward the end of 2020 however, I needed something more for my mind. I couldn’t keep going as if nothing was wrong. There was so much wrong! I’d never been a runner, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m hooked! Between walking and running around the city, it’s my new favorite exercise. I still do yoga, weights, and circuit training two days per week, but running and walking are my new beloved cardio. There’s so much to see and feel and experience – it makes me feel alive. And this year, more than most, I really need that.

Here are my favorite fitness tools and workout programs! These are unendorsed, just my own personal recommendations!

  • Running
    • Nike Run Club – I need a running coach and motivation in my ear to keep going. This fits the bill and it’s FREE!
    • AirPods Pro – So that I can hear that much needed coaching!
    • North Face Headband – All Season Ready!
    • Apple Watch – Keep track of your heart rate, blood oxygen behind that mask, and fitness goals!
    • Baleaf – Leggings with Deep Pockets for Keys/Phone, Warming gear, cooling gear – I get most of my workout clothes right here – MUCH cheaper than the well-known brands.
    • Nike Pegasus Shield – Time for new shoes! I bet yours are broken down! Here is my choice for 2021. Super comfortable and all-weather ready for those snowy and rainy New York mornings.
  • Lean Legs
    • Fitness Expert, Rachael Attard, claims that many of us are working our bodies wrong and creating bulk! I’ve enjoyed her Mesomorph Lean Legs Program – NO MORE SQUATS! YES!
  • Yoga/Circuit/Online Fitness Programs

Beauty and Spa

My mother owned a spa and worked as a renowned cosmetologist my entire childhood. I’ve always known the value of taking care of your skin, hair, nails, and muscles. Detoxing was a ritual in our household! And, I’ve had every kind of body wrap imaginable.

However, in the time of COVID, it’s not as relaxing to go to the spa – if it’s even open in your area! So, many of us are trying to find ways to pamper ourselves at home.

Here are my 2021 finds for self-care spa days at home!

Bath Time!

  • There’s are few things more relaxing than playing some gentle music, soaking in a warm bath, and taking care of your mind, body, and soul!
  • Epsom Salts and Essential Oils – Calm the mind with a few drops of essential oils of your choosing, and add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Epsom salts to relieve those tired muscles.
  • Peppermint or Lemon Foot Scrub and a Pumice Stone – Soothe the feet and calm your callouses.
  • Facial Wash, Scrub, and Mask – Now’s the time to relax and detox your skin! Grab your most soothing facial products!

Waxing/Shaving – OR IPL?

  • You might have more time at home for a while still in 2021, why not try to get rid of some body hair forever? Fewer trips to the waxer = winning! I’ve been using this one!

Sore Muscles

  • Have you jumped on the CBD train yet? If you haven’t tried CBD salve – you should! It’s magic!
  • Foam Roller – Look up how to foam roll and jump on the bandwagon. It’s life changing for muscle tightness!


  • What’s your favorite hand cream or oil? Imagine really taking time to let it soak into your skin and cuticles while wearing these heated mittens and enjoying your favorite shows! (Thanks to Aleda Phillips for this recommendation!)
  • Gold Mask – Anti-inflammatory, conditioning, and GOLD!!! It’s healthy and luxurious.
  • Red Light Therapy – I’m hooked… This is my new favorite! Here’s the research and science of it… After one week, here are my before and after photos – NO FILTER, NO MAKEUP, NO JOKE. You can either get a mask like this one, or a light bulb to go in a desk lamp – like this one. I chose the light bulb, because it also does NIR, which can be used for muscle soreness and even repair scars and cellulite anywhere on the body.

Beauty Finds

Body Treatments

  • Red Light (Near Infrared) Therapy – I’ve been using my lamp for both skincare and body care, but they make body specific therapy boards to target sore muscles, cellulite, and bones/joints! I’m telling you – I’m hooked!
  • Far Infrared Sauna Blanket – Maybe you are looking for red light therapy while you meditate and steam? Take care of it all with one of these new sauna blankets. I don’t have one yet, but it’s next on my list! They claim that you can burn around 500 calories per session! What?!?!?
  • Dry Brushing – I’m not sure I buy into the claims of dry brushing, but it does exfoliate the skin and make me feel more energized!

Supplements and Meditation

I think that our current news cycle, food options, work/life balance, and lack of schedule is driving imbalances in the body. I’ve noticed that adaptogens and supplements are making me feel much better. Here are my favorites and why!

  • MeditationInsight Timer – It’s social, open-source, and FREE!
  • Ashwagandha – My cortisol seems high…which is caused by stress and can lead to a ton of problems. This adaptogen is my FAVORITE at lowering my stress naturally and making me feel more at ease.
  • Schisandra – This berry helps with depression, mental acuteness, and liver repair!
  • Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lions ManeFour Sigmatic is doing amazing work with mushrooms, adaptogens, and educating the masses! These mushrooms keep me going! I especially enjoy the protein powder and adaptogen blend!
  • Ready to try CBD? Standard Dose offers great products and ships nationwide!

What are your favorites? And which tools did you try? Make sure to “Cheers” your favorite cultures by supporting the merch in our store, and let us know your New Year’s Traditions! We love hearing from you!

Other At-Home Ideas!!!

Here’s to a year of a better and healthier you!


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