Toasting New York City: The Upper East Side

When I would come to New York City as a tourist, it was where I longed to stay…to visit…to shop…to dream. I think that the Upper East Side became the American Dream for many Millennials. Someday, I would work hard enough to enjoy an UES penthouse. Someday, the shopkeepers on Madison would all know me by name. Someday, I would have a corner Italian bistro booth that felt like home. Someday, I might be the next Serena or Blaire or, better still, Lily… Times have changed. I’ve changed. The Upper East Side has changed.

two black dumbbells and brown glass bottle

Toasting Self-Care in 2021!

New Year! New Goals! I’ve often signed holiday cards wishing people success, happiness, adventure, love, and prosperity in the past. How many of you joined me this year with instead … Continue reading Toasting Self-Care in 2021!