Scandals are Sticky

Sex Is Sticky — And So Are We….

It’s a common marketing phrase that “Sex is Sticky.” It may sound gross, but it’s an industry term that means “Sex Sells.” Anything salacious, shocking, sexy, and dirty will get attention. Humans love the obscene, the grotesque, and the illicit. Then, we love pretending that we don’t in front of others.

And, we’ve proven that scandals are just as sticky.

Have you been engaged in a social media feud this week? Be honest.

Thank you for your candor.

The scandals and struggles have been legit! And, we have been rolling around in it all week. This news is sticky. News networks have been bringing in record numbers of viewers. In fact, during the Capitol insurrection, CNN had the most watched day EVER. Let that sink in. Advertisers and networks are loving it.

I may seem overly cynical and tied to the business side and the numbers. And, I suppose that’s true. But, I want us all to step back for a moment to really understand what’s happening – why – and how we can pull out of it. I’m so cynical that I don’t think it will do any good, but I have to try.

Pick a Side!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….We are a polarized land. I’m living in a bubble…I’ll admit it. Chances are that you are also.

Our culture demands that we fall in-line either with the popular opinion of where we live, or against it. It’s certainly easier to ride the wave of popularity. Especially now. And, depending on where you live, you’re going to hear a specific narrative that demonizes people from the “other” side. I know that I’ve struggled with understanding how some people view the nation so differently from the way that I do.

We have a constant onslaught of fake news being shared on social media, opinions that weaponize words, and ideas that make me question my entire existence.

Have I lost friends over all of this? Not as many as some…I’ve been blocked by one person. I’ve tried to have logical and friendly debates; I’ve done my best to remain moderate. However, for one person, just seeing my city and my life was too much. He went on a tirade against me, my city, my friends, and then deleted me as a friend and blocked me from ever seeing his presence again. It was a truly sad day… And, that’s exactly where we are.

I know some that have lost not only friends…BUT FAMILY!!! I’ve had good friends message me in tears over parents and grandparents cutting them out of the family based on political leanings. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like.

This is akin to war. Based on an opinion – we are picking sides, cutting those we love out of our lives, and waging literal battles in the streets. We’re marionette dolls being pulled by unseen strings and unseen forces.

If you’re curious about my side — I am of the firm belief that if I look around and see Nazis agreeing with me and fighting the same fight I’m fighting — I probably need to review my life choices.

I will NEVER say that MY LIFE, based on the color of my skin, my religious preferences, my gender, and my socio-economic standing, is more important than someone else. If I’m ever fighting a fight that says that “I deserve MORE than someone else,” pull me right out of it and slap me. I mean it!

Take that all as you will… I wasn’t busting up businesses in May and June and I wasn’t at the Capitol this past Wednesday.

When Will the Same Story Get Old??

  • The first political riot in recorded history was after Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 B.C.
  • Then, in 38 and 40 A.D. the Greeks and the Jews erupted into civil unrest in Alexandria.
  • The Nika Riots in Constantinople killed 30,000 people in the Hippodrome because of hatred of Emperor Justinian.
  • In the 1066 Granada Riots, there was a massacre of Jews led by a Muslim mob.
  • In 1381, the Peasants’ Revolt in England was spurred by Social-Economic inequality, the Black Death (Pandemic), and politics.
  • The Coronation Riots in 1714 happened because of hatred of George I.
  • In 1770, the Boston Massacre happened when British Soldiers shot and killed American Colonists who were harassing them. This later led to the Boston Tea Party and eventually the Revolutionary War.
  • In 1771, Russia erupted with the Bubonic Plague, which led to unrest and the Plague Riots.
  • In 1834, New York was torn in two by the Anti-Abolitionist Riots. The US Military stepped in and ended the battle.
  • In 1855, Kentucky endured “Bloody Monday” where Protestant rioters attacked German and Irish Catholic communities.
  • In 1944 Guam, race riots overtook the island after US Military set up a base.
  • The Anti-Chinese riots of 1965 killed slews of people in Indonesia.
  • In 1983, the Assam Riots, in Assam, India, 2000 Bengali Muslims were killed after the Prime Minister’s decision to give 4 million alleged immigrants from Bangladesh the right to vote.
  • Australia had a raid and riot at their Parliament when an angry mob broke in over unions and labour in 1996.
  • In 2008 Lebanon, an 18-month political crises between Islamists and Progressives led to a complete takeover of Beirut and international military action.

Of course, we all know about the World Wars, the Middle East War on Terror, and the US Political Action around the world in our fight for global democracy.

If you’re interested in studying more about the past – to learn more about our present – here’s a list to get you going: List of Riots.

TLDR: Race, Religion, and Socio-Economic Injustices lead people to do VERY extreme things to one-another. If we could learn to handle these issues in a more humane way, we could pave a better future.

How to Stop?

Are you ready to make a new ending to the same story? It’s super easy!

In fact, almost all religions put it right up front in the rule book. And, even non-religious people tend to know the answer. Here it goes…


Love People.

Accept Differences.

Turn the Other Cheek.

Breathe Deep and Seek Peace.

That’s it… The most important human emotion – LOVE – can win over all of the anger, resentment, confusion, and grudges.

If we LOVED our co-citizens, we wouldn’t have racial, religious, ethnic, cultural, or gender inequalities. Period.

If we LOVED, we wouldn’t mind sharing.

If we LOVED, we would be happy to help others above ourselves.

If we LOVED, we would care more about the happiness of our friends and family than being “right.”

If we LOVED, we would support other people’s decisions about their lives and their bodies — EVEN IF we disagree.

If we LOVED, we wouldn’t pass judgements.

If we LOVED, scandal and struggle wouldn’t be sticky anymore. We would be free to move on to creating a better world instead of rolling around in the filth of the one we currently inhabit.

Is it possible? Or is it just John Lennon and Me over here imagining a happy ending to the never-ending story of sticky struggles and scandals?

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Stay in your region this year, stay safe, stay distant, and be like the NYC statues – wear your masks! We’ll see you on the other side.


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