Toasting Boston Like a Patriot

New England in the fall…It instantly brings to mind bright leaves of red, yellow, and orange, coffee, clam chowder, cozy fisherman sweaters, and football…And, Boston is the hub. Here’s our take on Beantown.

Scandals are Sticky

Sex Is Sticky — And So Are We…. It’s a common marketing phrase that “Sex is Sticky.” It may sound gross, but it’s an industry term that means “Sex Sells.” … Continue reading Scandals are Sticky

I am a Patriot

I am a patriot. I know this is true, because I am willing to fight for what the good of this country can do. Who we can be. How we can lead. I will not settle for what we’ve become, when I know we’re capable of more.

New York: Awakening from COVID-19 Slumber

I’ve been here a week, and what I’ve learned is that New Yorkers are a resilient bunch. While the rest of the country was whining about not being able to go get ice cream, this city lost almost all “normal” services and opportunities. They witnessed the horrors of neighbors and friends disappearing to never return. Small businesses shut down in droves… 20% of workers became unemployed… nearly 32,000 have died so far. […]