Walking a Mile in His Shoes

Through my introduction into the world of sneakerheads, I’m learning to not be afraid to be “big.” Wear men’s shoes. Broaden your shoulders. Be loud. Take up space.

I’m not giving up my Christian Louboutins, but I’m definitely working on my street crew and confidence.

You with me?

Scandals are Sticky

Sex Is Sticky — And So Are We…. It’s a common marketing phrase that “Sex is Sticky.” It may sound gross, but it’s an industry term that means “Sex Sells.” … Continue reading Scandals are Sticky

Toasting the Halloween Blue Moon in New York City

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, there are creepy and spooky places all over New York City! From murders and suicides to overdoses and kidnappings – this city has seen it all. If only the walls could talk…or do they? From Washington Heights to the Lower East Side, we decided to spend this Halloween examining some of the top haunts the city has to offer – not the man-made haunted houses, but the REAL ghosts of New York.

I am a Patriot

I am a patriot. I know this is true, because I am willing to fight for what the good of this country can do. Who we can be. How we can lead. I will not settle for what we’ve become, when I know we’re capable of more.