Toasting the Fight Against Winter Blues

It’s a month and half into the new year…And, I’ve heard many of my friends, colleagues, and neighbors complain about how depressing this time of year is. Dreary….Cold….Dark….Nothing to do but wait for spring.

What can we do to lift our spirits in the meantime? What does winter have to offer?


So, this isn’t happening for us this year. But, Noah and I USUALLY make it a point to getaway in February – around President’s Day. Rates for traveling in the United States, Europe, and Asia are cheaper, because it’s the off-season. And, if you don’t mind sweater weather and bundling up, this is the perfect time to explore new cities and places. We’ve scored great deals on traveling through Europe (How to Visit Three European Countries, Stay in 4 or 5 Star Hotels, and Eat World-Renowned Food for Less than $3,000) and Thailand (Toasting the Moon in Phuket, Thailand) during this time of year. And, it gives you something to look forward to when the holidays are over and nothing seems to offer a light at the end of the wintry tunnel.


Okay, so you already know that I’m a sucker for a good brew. I have two shelves in the pantry, and two full drawers dedicated to this stuff! It’s not just a winter affair for me, but there is something really nice about a steamy beverage in those dark and dreary months. The central air dries out my sinuses, headaches worsen, my skin feels dry and itchy – and then – sweet relief through the steam of my tea in the morning. Interested to get some ideas for your next tea party for one? Check out this post on tea tastings throughout the Lower East Side and Soho (shipping available!).

Self Care and Home Care

Have you given up on your New Year’s resolutions already? It’s time to renew that energy and commitment to yourself! This is the perfect time to clean out those closets, purge that unnecessary clutter, take care of your body and skin, and get that health in check for spring! It’s coming sooner than you think – in fact, if you’re planning on a spring garden, now is the perfect time to get those plans in action. Check out these posts on self-care, living with less, and optimizing your life for inspiration!

Be Bright

I’m completely guilty of going all winter wearing grey and black. But, if you’re feeling the winter blues – one way that can certainly help is going colorful! Bring those spring and summer bolds out and let them shine. It will be a cheerful contrast to the grey and black that nature is giving us every day! Also, there are proven effects of getting in some bright light therapy to help with the lack of sunshine. There are light therapy devices like this one, built to help with seasonal depression. But, I’ve also received a lot of mental health benefits (and an added skin-care bonus) by doing Red Light Therapy!


I remember loving snow days as a child. I would put on all of my warmest clothes, built for the snow, and head outside to make snowmen, snow angels, and sled down our multiple hills. For many years, I lost that sense of play. Instead it was the dreaded transport into work after a heavy snow. This year, I’ve learned to rekindle the sense of play. Get out in the snow. Take a walk. Build something. Be silly! It certainly helped curb my wintry blues.


Is there anything more warming for the body and soul than a homemade soup served in a glazed bowl? I don’t think so! This is the perfect time to make a slow-cooker stew, a stove-top soup, and bake something delicious. We’re low on Vitamin C and Vitamin D this time of year, so the more healthy foods you can prepare for yourself, the better you will feel all around! Make sure you have your Hygge stoneware to serve it in!

How are you fighting your winter blues? Let us know! And cheers to you and yours!

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Stay in your region this year, stay safe, stay distant, and be like the NYC statues – wear your masks! We’ll see you on the other side.

Other At-Home (or Near Home) Ideas!!!

Here’s to a year of a better and healthier you!


Noah and Majhon

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