Help! Please Support the Arts in the Time of COVID-19

Most of you probably know that my “day job” is running Music As Language. This enterprise is like my child, and it’s been awe-inspiring to watch it grow and develop (sometimes in the direction of my choosing and sometimes completely on its own.)

This year, if we were to compare Music As Language to a child, I would say that it has been going through some fierce teenage hormones! I have definitely considered kicking it out of the house until it apologizes… 😂

It’s no lie to say that artists and service providers have been hit hard by the pandemic. Word choices have been so carelessly put together this year.

Think about the phrases that you see plastered all over the news… They are attention grabbing for all of the wrong reasons. And oftentimes, when you dig deeper, you realize that the words they’ve strung together to create an anthem could’ve been more effective and less divisive if someone would’ve worked a little harder on choosing the perfect words. Which one(s) come to mind for you?

The one that cuts most personally (for me) is “non-essential.” Essential means necessary or important. Can we truly categorize humans as essential (aka: risk your life without choice for minimum wages) OR non-essential (aka: you have no worth in society). Ouch! My heart aches for both sides…

I truly hope that we will all look deeper and realize that the word choices are inaccurate for our society and culture. I hope that we learn from this and make better choices to better fund our “essential” work force. And, I truly hope that for someone my life has been necessary and/or important.

If I (or Music As Language) has been essential for you, I’m going to ask for a huge favor. We are in need of support and help to keep things going. Here’s how you can make sure that we are there for future generations of artists, musicians, students, and families.

How can you help?

  1. Share our programs with teachers, students, musicians, and local entertainment organizations. We have built a platform of music certification exams that will help motivate students, provide teachers with an extra resource to keep the practice going, and provide parents with invaluable resume adds for future college applications. We don’t have a direct competitor in the USA; it’s a fun and worthwhile program for all music students!
  2. Consider sponsoring Music As Language Sessions. We are offering a generous package for our sponsors – AND – it’s not just finances! You can also sponsor with your volunteer time AND with prizes for our winners!
  3. Book a session with moi! I’m available for planning, coaching, and consulting – online! Use friends and family code MALVIP for 50% off each session!
  4. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! For the first time, Music As Language isn’t limited to a single community! Please let your friends know about us. We want to get to know all of your friends and extended family with our new global reach!

I’ll be back next week with more New York news, tips and tricks, but for now, please consider supporting Music As Language, so that ALL of these ventures can continue for years to come! ♥️😘 Thank you in advance!



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